Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time is flying by...

I am totally out of my blogging habit. I'm preoccupied with baby stuff. I've researched a bunch of products and necessities and am pretty sure with what stuff we're going for. Now we are working on getting the house ready. Chris finished building a big shed in our backyard that will house our bikes, golf clubs, etc. that is currently at home in the baby's room. We've been organizing and sorting through stuff. And are planning a huge yard sale. Hopefully we will make a bunch of money and I can use it to buy our stroller :) We got the crib this weekend but haven't put it together yet as the baby room is currently the yard sale room :) The first major piece of baby apparatus that we got was the car seat. We've left it sitting in our family room. It sinks in more and more every time we look at it that soon there will be a wee one in it. So exciting!! The only ones who seem to be out of the loop are the dogs. It seems like they should sense this sort of thing but I swear they don't know. Clemmy still tries to lay on my stomach and Betsy thinks the household still revolves around her. Ha ha, the joke's on them :) I can't wait to see what they do with a little baby in the house.
Well, time for bed. I will post some pictures of the shed soon (it looks so good!).

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