Friday, June 4, 2010

What up?

Couple of quick things since I've been a slacker lately (sorry, having the hubby home is a distraction :) ).
My new fav herb: lemon basil. Bought the plant on a whim at the nursery and have been using it in salads and sauces. It is amazing! Tastes kind of like lemon grass but with a touch of basil. Yum :)
My new worst movie: Wolfman. I'm trying to sit through it right now but it totally sucks. Disappointment b/c I {heart} Benicio Del Torro.
My latest splurge to see in the theater: Sex and The City of course! Saw it with my best gals last weekend. Loved it! Completely entertaining but still like the first one better.
My latest house project: removing two trees (pics to come). Our house looks so bare now!! But they had to go as they were interfering with our foundation, etc.

Btw, finally got the camera cord and will download pics to share tomorrow. Also want to share pics of my bro's puppy (the cutest ever!).

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