Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi again...

Sorry for my absence, been reconnecting with the hubby :)
Here's a quick recap on what we've been up to in no particular order:
-delicious steak dinner
-relaxed Easter with an earthquake
-walking the dogs
-a fun trip to Stone Brewing Co.
-a "Second Saturday" at Hamilton's
-yummy and nutritious home-cooked meals
-a beautiful bike ride
-long walks/hikes
-"Clash of the Titans" (our first 3D movie--awesome)
-fun nights with friends
-yard overhaul (I know that sucks but it had to be done!)
-dog park
-farmer's market
With all of the excitement I have completely forgotten to photo-document anything :( I promise some pics soon! And I am dying to get some crafting in. [Chris adds] "...if I can ever get my head out of this computer, I think I like looking up crafting more than I like doing it..." He's making fun of me b/c I sit in front of the tv with my laptop and check abt a million blogs and websites a day!

1 comment:

  1. sounds awesome!! I am currently sitting on the couch watching some horrible reality show, checking out all my blogs. ; ) Hilarious!