Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saw it!!!

I saw Tim Burton's masterpiece yesterday!!! I loved it. Everything about it was totally inspiring to me. I want to re-read the book now. I had forgotten about a lot of the characters. The caterpillar is my favorite :) I don't know why I think he is so cute and I love Alan Rickman's voice for some reason. I liked the girl playing Alice but her performance did kind of remind me of her character on "In Treatment." Still like her though. And of course the Queen of Hearts (Helena Bonham Carter) was hysterical to me.


  1. Hi Bridgette!
    I'm at your Mom and Dads. Sure do miss you. Hope all is well. Now that I know about your blog I'll follow it.
    Love ya lots
    Uncle Skip

  2. We are going again tomorrow night... wanna go again? Where have you been all my life?