Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scrapping Delay

I really wanted to have some cute pictures tonight! I ran into a few snags today which included: paint taking FOREVER to dry on my project and grocery shopping. I know the last one is pretty lame, but I have been putting it off for a week now and was running out of stuff to eat. Most of my grocery shopping takes two stops: Costco and Henry's. Which forces me to unload at home in between, if I do them on the same day. Thus taking up some time.
I'm also finding out that my creative process takes too long sometimes. I have to sort through all of my stuff and look at a million pictures online to finally come up with what I'm going for.
I did go to yoga this morning (yay). It was a great class, not too full which means she's really paying attention to the details of each pose. I like that she will come around and correct you if you are off (most of the teachers will do that).
One last thing, sorry I changed the playlist but I was getting tired of hearing those songs. I went for music from the soundtrack of one of the funniest movies on earth.
And I will leave you with this awesome idea from the coolest blog . I am so making these this Christmas!!!! Too cute :)

Here are the instructions if you can't wait :)


  1. Which movie was the funniest on earth?? Cute idea w/the gingerbread!