Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, my weekend is ending and I have spent it coloring. It started with the class I took Friday night at Paper Tales. It was on Copic markers and how to use them. I wanted to see what all of the hype was about so I signed up. It was soooo fun. They are amazing and blend just like watercolors. Plus my LSS (little scrapbook store) has had these super cute stamps forever and I have ignored them b/c I didn't get the coloring-thing. I broke down and got a mermaid and a cute girl dancing to her ipod. They have really cool looking hair and that is my favorite part to color. I can make their hair whatever color I want (which is fun because I'm used to people telling me how they want it to look at work). Anyway, I pretty much just zoned out with my coloring while watching the Olympics. I know it sounds like a regression to childhood but it IS hard to figure out the shading and how to add dimension.


  1. Hey Bridgette! I am so thrilled to see you are enjoying your Copics!! Looks like you had a fun weekend! Your images look wonderful!
    Your doggies are just too cute!!!
    Hopefully I'll see you at our next 'coloring' night at PT!

  2. When I clicked on the photo of the mermaids to enlarge it, I really got a closeup to enjoy the shading that you had accomplished. It looks like fun and it really is therapy!! Love you, Mom

  3. you are so friggen cute my little creative creature!