Monday, February 15, 2010

Dog Park

We went to the dog park near our house for an hour this morning. I took a million pictures so this may be a long post. Sorry if it's boring for everyone, but Chris will be excited to see them :) Here we go:
Clemmy's usually right by my side.

Betsy saw this tall guy in flip flops and shorts and thought it might be Chris :)

The view of downtown from the park.

This is Colonel Mustard, fitting b/c his coat looks like a pair of cami's. He's only 3 months old!

A lady there had this westie:

and this scottie (my mom's two dream dogs). They were so adorable! And the scottie is a retired show dog.

There were a bunch of cool breeds there today, a pair of frenchies, an english bulldog, a pug, and a borzoi.
The girls would seriously sniff every blade of grass on the face of the earth if we let them. So we call these moments "Sniffers Anonynmous Meetings." This video is when we first got there and they are just getting started :)

Checking out some new friends.

Clemmy (anti-social) is checking out the perimeter, while Betsy mixes and mingles.

A game of chase ;)


  1. Whats up with these non-available videos? Bridgette has a special Tornados edition in the works.

  2. I may change my profile photo. Maybe we'll have an online poll. Pictures courtesy of the official team photographer.

  3. As always, I love the dog pictures and especially the videos!! Thanks! Mom