Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hello heaven! I randomly stumbled across this website for a cupcake shop named Mini's in Salt Lake City and they had a picture of these adorable cupcakes. Too cute! Plus their Breakfast at Tiffany's are so clever :)

While I'm on cupcakes, Mere and Jess check out this blog:
Last night I went to BFE Rancho Mirage for a fundraising event for Tara's upcoming Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. It was a long drive but I really wanted to meet all of the people she's been training with. The event was held at this mansion that is owned by a writer for 'Days of our Lives'. It was pretty sick. I'm so excited for her, she leaves Friday. Everyone say a prayer for her and her group! The picture below is of myself, Tara and two other friends who drove up with me, Paula and Heather.

The blog for Tara's adventure is: Check it out!
Later :)


  1. Tara---We will be thinking of you, rooting for you and sending you some good vibes!!

  2. YUMMM!!!!! Cupcakes look AMAZING...esp. since I'm on day 18 of clean! hahaha! Love your blog! Super, super cute and fun.