Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey, sorry for the lack of a photo. I just wanted to share one really cool thing. I took a "Yoga Basics" class at the yoga studio down the street from me, Ginseng Yoga. I have been curious about that place ever since we moved here. And I'd never taken a yoga class at an actual studio before today, just at the gym. Let me tell you it was a very different experience. The people there are serious about their yoga and because of that it was awesome! I really appreciated the focus and intensity and finally understood why people become so fanatical about it. There was no or chitchatting, the 'Ohm's were for real. I can't wait to take another class. They do a first-timer's special where you can go to as many classes as you want for 10 days. Maybe I'll just go from studio to studio doing that--->just kidding.

PS Big Love was off the hook last night!!! Yes! I'm so glad it's back on :) And I taped the new Anthony Bourdain while watching The Batchelor. Lots of quality tv :)


  1. Big Love was sick!!!! Do you like the new begining though - i liked it better when they were iceskating to the Beach Boys song, I was sad they changed it.

  2. I like your curtains and no. 7 mugshot!! Love you!!

  3. G. Lee, I agree with you on the Beach Boys and the sheer fabric reminded me of Barb going to the temple. But they do look prettier in the new intro.