Friday, January 8, 2010

Woke up to this

I had kind of heard sirens this morning while I pushed snooze a couple of times but didn't realize they were a block away! The pictures are taken from my front porch. It looked like everyone had been evacuated and I didn't see any flames. Scary! I hate house fires, it's so sad. That is a huge house divided into apartments. There was a news crew there so maybe it will be on the local news tonight. Sorry it's not a cheery post but it's not everyday that there is a fire this close! It was bizarre to leave for work with all of the police and firetrucks (I counted 6), and that block closed off. When I came home some of the windows were boarded up, but it was still standing. Later!


  1. Remember we saw 11 or 12 rescue vehicles in one parking lot near Phoenix!...

  2. Dad, no, I forgot.... just kidding I have pics of those too :)