Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's been pouring here lately. We need the rain but when we get too much it floods everything out. It's supposed to continue all week. Somehow the dogs and I have timed it just right with our walks and haven't gotten caught in it yet :) They are currently going to town on their new rawhides.

I love how they hold it between their paws. They're so smart!! Btw, I have gone to a couple more classes at Ginseng and totally love it! I really think it's helping me with my posture which has been a focus of mine recently. I started seeing a chiropractor in the fall (he and his wife are my clients) and we've been working on how I stand when I'm at work etc. He took x-rays of my neck and upper back and it is jacked up! But it can be reversed with better posture and adjustments. Since seeing Dr. B I have noticed a major change in the pain I used to have in my back, shoulders and feet. You should check out his website: www.renewhealthcenter.com I love that they combine eastern and western medicine -->so smart.


  1. I love the dog pictures. Keep them coming!! With your occupation, I can see how your posture would be "jacked up"! (L in health...)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!! Love you & miss you

  2. Thanks, Mom. I didn't catch that :)