Tuesday, January 12, 2010

quick post

So, I went back to Ginseng tonight and checked out a pilates class. It was hard to get into at first b/c the teacher was a spaz and the guy next to me had blue toenail polish on (weirdo). Plus it was kind of easy at first, but about halfway through it got hard and I think I will be sore tomorrow. I like the stretching and how it's strength-training in a different sort of way. I can see how it's really good for your "core." Also, I invented the coolest recipe today. On my cleanse I can't have eggs or anything with wheat in it (I'm just setting this up for you). So I'm trying to think of different ways to cook chicken and when talking with a client abt breaded chicken an idea sparked in my mind.... Since I can't using breadcrumbs what could I use? Ground up nuts. I used agave nectar to coat my chicken breast and then dipped it into a mixture of ground cashews (I know pretty amazing already), salt, pepper, cayenne (I need a little heat), cardamom, all spice, and ground ginger. Then I baked it at 375 for 20 minutes. Freakin' awesome!!! I should've taken a picture of it for my post, oh well.


  1. Were you sore today?? Love you!!

  2. Oh yeah, Grandmother was lovin' your music on Saturday!!

  3. I have not been sore yet from yoga, but tomorrow could be a different story...today was much more challenging.