Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun night out

Bibi surprised me with Sprinkles cupcakes today, a delayed b/day gift. It was awesome.

Katie, Bibi and I went to Cafe Chloe for a delicious meal. It is the cutest place with a great menu. Very Euro. Btw, we seriously took a dozen pictures before we got this one. It is a hilarious montage :)

Our amazing "fromage plate." Fun night!


  1. Lucky you! Those cupcakes look delicious! My mouth was watering for one of those chocolate ones!

  2. Every time I look at your blog my mouth starts watering!!! There is NOTHING like a Sprinkles cupcake.... you lucky lady!

  3. It looks like your birthday present came w/ one missing ;) Glad you finally went out to celebrate! xoxo