Friday, January 15, 2010

Chris' current pets...

Chris finally called me this morning!! Yay! It was so wonderful to have a real conversation with him. He sounded really good and was happy to be caught up on everything going on here. There are stray puppies at his camp. I didn't get all of the details, but I guess everyone is looking after them b/c they are so cute :) He said the adult dogs are gigantic and it is some sort of local breed (mutt?). I'm glad he has some stand-ins for the girls. Speaking of which, Betsy had a check-up appointment today for her back. She's been doing really well lately, which translates to: climbing stairs on her own, running with each leg moving on it's own (she was doing a sort of bunny hop), and putting her front paws on the couch when she wants me to lift her up (I know, she's spoiled, but it does keep my biceps in good shape:)). Our vet said she looks great and is very happy with her progress. Betsy loves going to the vet b/c she knows at the end of the appt. she gets a bowl of canned chicken. Yum! She is so antsy during the appt. b/c she knows what's coming :) Poor Clemmy though, Betsy and I have to sneak out b/c Clemmy can't come with us. I start off by putting Betsy's leash and collar in my purse so Clemmy can't see it or hear it. Then I give her a bone by the back door so Betsy and I can sneak out the front door while she's distracted. Otherwise she'll try and dart out with us.

I had to include this pic b/c it is so freakin' cute and the bee theme goes with my blog. My friend, Jessica, gave it to me for Christmas. I had seen it at Anthropologie and didn't get it. When I went back to get it they were all gone, so I was stoked when I received it as a gift :) Thanks Jess, you know me too well (she gave me some little scrapbooking things too).
Yoga update: I went to another class today and it was awesome. It was a type of yoga (vinyasa) where you flow pretty quickly through different poses so you build up a sweat. It was intense at some moments especially when holding a lunge, etc. I wouldn't call it a "cardio" workout but definitely a workout. A super hairy guy, sweating like a pig right next to me decides to take his shirt off --> WTF? Besides that I'm getting super into it ;)


  1. the puppies are only about a mounth old and are already getting really big. the dogs here are really really HUGE.


  2. That is SOOOOO cute about the puppies! Love the bag and love that you love it!

  3. It was so good to hear about Chris. I loved the sneaking out story and the hairy man comment!!